Her Secret Smile (Revisited)

Man has borne witness

Its creation

Sunlight to a stormy day

Many fall victim

Fall hard for its innocence

Weakened by its insistence

Mist hovering over meadow grass

It lingers

Well beyond the moment past

Bringing warmth where it’s cool

Giving rise to the



Fatal hope

Of a simpering fool



Her Secret Smile


Couldn’t fake it if she tried

Many claim its pretense

A farce of innocence

A knowing feature

None can deny

Dimpled cheek

Eyes drooped to closing

It stretches slowly



Current boring through your skin

What she knows

Is what you seek

In her dimpled smile

This secret she will keep


The story of his mouth

Red as rose petals
Soft as a newborn’s skin
Tender as lips that have been kissed for a thousand years
This mouth gives birth to crafty smiles
Sly comments
Sincere commitments
It overflows with words of love
Promises of a perfect future
Laughter from within
Those teeth
Oh where have they not nibbled?
This tongue
A master in the art of driving me crazy
These lips, if kissed, would bleed
Or do wonders to the nerves on which they play
I stand in awe of it
Basking in the warmth it exudes
A guarantee of long hours of sinful pleasures
Responses to leave me dumbfounded
Delectable treats yet to be enjoyed
A pledge of a lifetime of service
Lips ripe as plums
Dripping with the sweet promise
Of long, hot, wet, nerve-shattering nights with no end
Like this story…