my sexy red kettle

She screamed

Howled even

Searing pain tearing through her bosom

The lady in red

Her midnight hair

Swaying in the breeze

Even with the scalding heat

Sweat beads the size of hailstones

Gushing off her body

Her pain echoes in emptiness

I approach

Turning the dial to end her nightmare

She whistled down

Ever grateful

Ever ready to please


When we kiss

When we kiss

My heart threatens to abandon my chest



Stifling pain

Sears through me

My eyes fill

Tears threatening


What I work so hard to hide


Eyes shut tight

Willing the tears back in

Sucking up the pain

Easing back

The words

Eager to escape my lips


I hope

That you don’t know

Would you think me weak?

It is enough

That I tremble at your touch

You need no more ammunition


I don’t fantasize about you

I never make it that far

The very thought of you

Shreds my sanity

Depletes the core of me


I simply ride it out


Curled up in a ball

I squeeze it back in



Forcing it away

The tears

The pain

The words


I love you

I love you so much it hurts