A letter to Dorian

You are to me the tickling breath upon my neck

The powder-soft feel of my inner thighs

On a cool rainy day

I close my eyes and your essence fills me

Sparks exploding where your hands,

Lips, and other tips have surveyed

Let it not be said

That what you give is pleasure

The hardening of my nipples

My lips dripping with dew

My body shivering from the torture that is you

All reveal that it is pure magic


Smile for me once more

Let me learn the sight and feel of your lips

My entire body blushes

As your eyes bore through my soul

Even as you bare it all

Your heart

Your mind

Your wisdom

I still see the man





Wrap your arms around me

So that I can absorb all that is you

Love me hard and deep

So I feel you even in your absence

Let my body never forget

Your claim

Your mark upon my soul


Tattoo my heart

So that even as it wanders

Exploring the world

It will always come back to you




What are we?

I want to share my heart with you
But you have relegated me
Mid-way between friend and lover
I hang here, unbalanced
Not knowing
Afraid to ask
What is the job description for this role?
Can I say I love you?
Is that allowed?
I am enveloped
My heart pressing outward
Threatening a cataclysmic explosion
I will myself to hold it in
Hands fisting
Palms bleeding
Eyes leaking
Evidence of the pain
Of the fractures
I silently beg for an end
Tell me now
What are we?

Her Secret Smile (Revisited)

Man has borne witness

Its creation

Sunlight to a stormy day

Many fall victim

Fall hard for its innocence

Weakened by its insistence

Mist hovering over meadow grass

It lingers

Well beyond the moment past

Bringing warmth where it’s cool

Giving rise to the



Fatal hope

Of a simpering fool


She’s coping?

She wakes
The alarm blaring
Bob’s ‘Three little birds’
But there’s no soothing sound of chirping
She stretches
Slips into her running gear
And begins her first commute
One hour
Running along the bay
Tears streaming down her face
As she ponders
The frustrations
The pain
The longing
Her unsuccessful existence
At home
She puts on her second face
To face the world
To fit in
She goes with the motions
All her moves mechanical
Until she gets home
She removes her mask
To reveal a tear-stained facade
A constant river
Pouring straight from her heart
She does not know
Why she does it all
Still she lives
Each day she lives



barring pain


one of the most intense emotions

The effects,

starting first in the mind

absorbing the pulsations,

pure electric currents,

coursing first,

through the chest,

then down to the stomach,

generating billions and billions of butterflies.

skin comes alive;



tremors destabilizing


it hits

like a double-decker bus,

it hits

smack in the depths of that place,

that special place,

where gushing causes the eyes to roll back,

breath to catch,

knees to go weak,

heart to skip a beat

Kissing you


as a teenager,

I heard a lot about kissing,

how to make it meaningful,

how to do it well…

I was told that you should kiss with your eyes closed

to make it more special;

it meant that you really,

really liked the person you were kissing.

I tried it for a while,

but I’m a curious kitten;

I want to see,

the expression;

I want to see you

That you’re as lost in me

as I am in you.

But  I’ve found something special

in closing my eyes

When I kiss you,

all the times I’ve kissed you,

I’ve had to keep my eyes closed,

to trap the tears that threatened to betray my true feelings,

that threatened to show you

how  much I love you.