What are we?

I want to share my heart with you
But you have relegated me
Mid-way between friend and lover
I hang here, unbalanced
Not knowing
Afraid to ask
What is the job description for this role?
Can I say I love you?
Is that allowed?
I am enveloped
My heart pressing outward
Threatening a cataclysmic explosion
I will myself to hold it in
Hands fisting
Palms bleeding
Eyes leaking
Evidence of the pain
Of the fractures
I silently beg for an end
Tell me now
What are we?


She’s coping?

She wakes
The alarm blaring
Bob’s ‘Three little birds’
But there’s no soothing sound of chirping
She stretches
Slips into her running gear
And begins her first commute
One hour
Running along the bay
Tears streaming down her face
As she ponders
The frustrations
The pain
The longing
Her unsuccessful existence
At home
She puts on her second face
To face the world
To fit in
She goes with the motions
All her moves mechanical
Until she gets home
She removes her mask
To reveal a tear-stained facade
A constant river
Pouring straight from her heart
She does not know
Why she does it all
Still she lives
Each day she lives