Her Secret Smile


Couldn’t fake it if she tried

Many claim its pretense

A farce of innocence

A knowing feature

None can deny

Dimpled cheek

Eyes drooped to closing

It stretches slowly



Current boring through your skin

What she knows

Is what you seek

In her dimpled smile

This secret she will keep



Crazy Beautiful


A dark honey tone


The color of cinnamon



Quick to smile


A natural, curly style

Shoulders strong and sturdy

Arms that seek to let the world in


Perky and inviting


Curving to places to risque for writing

Thighs fit and supple

Glutes firm and destined to cause trouble

Ankles dainty


Painted a vampiric red

She’s crazy beautiful

‘Nuff said

Impending Doom

I’m sitting here in silence


my life

about to crash

Into a brick wall

All I have worked for

All that I had hoped for

Disintegrating into nothingness

I cringe

Shrink into the darkness

I thought I could escape


I fought

Pushed every proactive nerve

And tasted victory

time progresses

I see my fate

A black hole


But wasted dreams


An endless pool of tears


I’m done

Nothing is left for me

I’m done

I have nothing

I have nothing to offer

To the world

Or anyone in it


I strived to enhance my skills

Educate myself

Absorb as much as I can

And yet I have not moved an inch from where I started


I have nothing

Nothing that will take me where I need to be

Nothing that is recognized by anyone

Nothing worthwhile to anyone

Not even me

The truth

The truth
I am an angry and bitter woman
a constant ball of friction
A tightly wound clock
On the verge of popping springs
And spilling things
That need to be said
I despise the world
For giving me hope
Of a beautiful existence
When each day passes
In total annihilation of my sanity
My desire for success
weighs heavy
a blur on the horizon
an impossibility
The truth
I do not believe
the end will justify the means
I just believe in the end

She’s coping?

She wakes
The alarm blaring
Bob’s ‘Three little birds’
But there’s no soothing sound of chirping
She stretches
Slips into her running gear
And begins her first commute
One hour
Running along the bay
Tears streaming down her face
As she ponders
The frustrations
The pain
The longing
Her unsuccessful existence
At home
She puts on her second face
To face the world
To fit in
She goes with the motions
All her moves mechanical
Until she gets home
She removes her mask
To reveal a tear-stained facade
A constant river
Pouring straight from her heart
She does not know
Why she does it all
Still she lives
Each day she lives

I hate my heart

I hate my heart
it gives
too much of me away
it’s generosity
beyond comprehension
riding free with abandon
when it finds that connection

like in the days
when life had yet to leave a stain
when sights
and feelings
were all that was needed
to explain
it follows
anything intriguing
dragging me through
leading me to
all things new

if only it knew
the pain
hidden behind the light
sharper than a knife
waiting for the end
waiting to slice
away the joy
the happiness
the love
from its still beating frame…