A letter to Dorian

You are to me the tickling breath upon my neck

The powder-soft feel of my inner thighs

On a cool rainy day

I close my eyes and your essence fills me

Sparks exploding where your hands,

Lips, and other tips have surveyed

Let it not be said

That what you give is pleasure

The hardening of my nipples

My lips dripping with dew

My body shivering from the torture that is you

All reveal that it is pure magic


Smile for me once more

Let me learn the sight and feel of your lips

My entire body blushes

As your eyes bore through my soul

Even as you bare it all

Your heart

Your mind

Your wisdom

I still see the man





Wrap your arms around me

So that I can absorb all that is you

Love me hard and deep

So I feel you even in your absence

Let my body never forget

Your claim

Your mark upon my soul


Tattoo my heart

So that even as it wanders

Exploring the world

It will always come back to you





I have never known success
Not in the way others describe it
And my happiness....
Has been as fleeting as a day
As recurrent as an eclipse
Even when the good distractions
Pitifully pay me heed
I never seem to have enough
To be enough
To sustain them

What are we?

I want to share my heart with you
But you have relegated me
Mid-way between friend and lover
I hang here, unbalanced
Not knowing
Afraid to ask
What is the job description for this role?
Can I say I love you?
Is that allowed?
I am enveloped
My heart pressing outward
Threatening a cataclysmic explosion
I will myself to hold it in
Hands fisting
Palms bleeding
Eyes leaking
Evidence of the pain
Of the fractures
I silently beg for an end
Tell me now
What are we?

my sexy red kettle

She screamed

Howled even

Searing pain tearing through her bosom

The lady in red

Her midnight hair

Swaying in the breeze

Even with the scalding heat

Sweat beads the size of hailstones

Gushing off her body

Her pain echoes in emptiness

I approach

Turning the dial to end her nightmare

She whistled down

Ever grateful

Ever ready to please

Black Rose

They look at you and see


A reminder that one day

They too will be

      As empty

      As silent

      As weak.

I look at you

      And I see me.






                          Blood flowing through my veins.

A new beginning.

   A different shade of light.

I see me,

   A Black Rose

      Free to succeed

         Free to reign



Her Secret Smile (Revisited)

Man has borne witness

Its creation

Sunlight to a stormy day

Many fall victim

Fall hard for its innocence

Weakened by its insistence

Mist hovering over meadow grass

It lingers

Well beyond the moment past

Bringing warmth where it’s cool

Giving rise to the



Fatal hope

Of a simpering fool


Her Secret Smile


Couldn’t fake it if she tried

Many claim its pretense

A farce of innocence

A knowing feature

None can deny

Dimpled cheek

Eyes drooped to closing

It stretches slowly



Current boring through your skin

What she knows

Is what you seek

In her dimpled smile

This secret she will keep